My name is Peter Koren, I was born in Utrecht on January 5, 1949. Since I graduated from the School for Graphical Arts in Utrecht, I have been working in the printing industry. As a photo lithographer I soon became familiar with photographic reproduction and the link to every day photography was soon established. From 1978 until 1983 I studied photography at the School for Photography in Apeldoorn.
I started taking photographs at the age of sixteen. At that time I had an Exakta miniature camera and after a couple of years I changed to Nikon, in fact I worked with several Nikon cameras from 1972 till 2002. Then I moved on to a Leica. After the death of nature photographer Fred Hazelhoff I had the opportunity to buy his photo equipment from his heirs. I have been attracted to nature since the seventies and I spent many vacation periods in France, Italy, Switzerland, Iceland and Scandinavia
PKIn 2004 my wife and I bought a house in Sweden in the province of Jämtland. And of course it became our vacation destination from then on. I have not lost my interest in other countries. The trip of my dreams still is Alaska and Yellowstone Park. Another one of my wishes is a visit to Spitsbergen. As you can see I mainly am interested in the northern regions. I am especially attracted to the fauna and landscapes during autumn and winter.I love to photograph birds. That is the reason I bought a digital Nikon D300 and D700 with different lenses. I use my Leica camera to photograph landscapes. Time will tell whether or not I will go exclusively "digital"

Now it is:
Nikon D800, D700, 2.8/105 macro, 2.8/24-70mm, 2.8/70-200mm, 4/300mm, 1.7 converter.
A photo saver on my Laptop Macbook for when I'm traveling.

Peter Koren

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